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This question has been closed by the author.What is HTML?

this may be a dumb question,but I would like to know what is HTML .
I have noticed that some games are being changed to this.
please help.
have a great weekend

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 months ago

    This appeared on Pogo about 10 days ago….

    Q. What is the difference between HTML 5 and Java and Flash? How do you tell the difference and why does this matter for Pogo games? Can you still play them if they change?

    A. This is a fantastic question because I want to make sure the Pogo community knows exactly what’s going on with the games.

    HTML 5 (which is also referred to as H5) is a programming language, like Java and Flash. This language is what creates the games. When Pogo first started, the games were made in the programming language that was available at the time, which was Java. Games were later upgraded to Flash and now they are being upgraded to HTML 5.

    New programming languages come about as technology changes and games can take advantage of new technology to look and play better. They also will provide stronger security.

    Why does this all matter for Pogo games? In July, Adobe (the creator of Flash) released information about Flash no longer being supported by certain browsers by 2020. You can read about that here. Prior to that, Java made a similar announcement. So, Java is going away and Flash is going away. What will happen? This is where HTML 5 comes in as all web browsers are now supporting HTML5. Yay! This means that all HTML 5 games will be playable even after browsers discontinue Java and Flash.

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