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Why aren’t I getting credit for Jewel Academy?

when i finish a game in jewel academy it is not giving me credit for the points in pogo for the daily challenge. what do i have to do to get credit

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 19 hours ago

    According to a forum Moderator the challenge is not working at this time. There should be someone in the Pogo office in a little over an hour.

    Answer from queenogab_
    posted 19 hours ago

    I have the same problem

    Answer from queenogab_
    posted 18 hours ago

    thank you Moms

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 18 hours ago

    You’re very welcome!

    Answer from Cher
    posted 17 hours ago

    The daily challenge for Jewel Academy is now working! Good luck!

    Answer from Padme1
    posted 16 hours ago

    The daily challenge in Jewel Academy IS NOT WORKING for me.

    Answer from mssypglt1
    posted 16 hours ago

    They say it is working, but it isn’t for me..IE or Firefox!

    Answer from mighty1terri
    posted 15 hours ago

    This game is NOT working for me either!

    Answer from lizzbrad
    posted 15 hours ago

    Not working for me!!!!

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 10 hours ago

    From Pogo Llama…..

    I’ve seen some confusion over today’s Jewel Academy Daily Challenge and wanted to help clarify.

    To win a score-based Challenge in Jewel Academy, please understand how the scoring system works:
    1.If you’re playing an old level, you must exceed your previous score to earn progress towards the Challenge. 1.For example: Your previous score was 200 points on a level. You replayed the level and scored 400 points, then you will now receive 200 points towards your progress.

    2.If you’re playing a brand new level, that score will always go towards the challenge.

    **Please note you must win the level in order to receive credit.

    Answer from bookread65
    posted 4 hours ago

    still didnt work for me got up to 4800 and only by going in and out really disappointed 2nd one in a year i havent got thanks a whole lot pogo

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