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This question has been closed by the author.why am I not getting 5,000 for 1/21/17 Sunday Token Social?

2,000 tokens for Squirrel Appreciation Day but no 5,000 tokens for Sunday token Social. Maybe I am just confused :(

    Answer from MomsBassetHound
    posted 6 months ago

    There are 2 different promos, 2 different games for each. I got a total of 14,000 free tokens this morning.

    Here are some tips from someone who’s been doing it for over 13 years, and learned the hard way.

    You can’t be in another game and try to get the tokens. They may show that you got them, but they will disappear.

    Always close the pop up, if you don’t you won’t get the free tokens in any other game.

    Make a mental note of your tokens before you start and know what your total should be after getting all the free tokens.

    Always let the games fully load before leaving the room.

    After the last free token game check your token count in the game room list. It should match what you thought you would get.

    Go to another page in Pogo. Usually if you go to the Mini Mall it will update. Others say to go to the “add gems” page.

    If your token count didn’t change sign out and back in, never play a game until your token count has updated.

    Good Luck!

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